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How to Recycle your Material with us

Visit our location

1907 Bypass SE Greenwood, SC 29646

Bring a bag of recycling, an end-of-life vehicle, appliance, or a load of recyclables.

Material Drop Off

If you have steel (appliances) come across the large scale and get weighed in.  We’ll help you unload.

Non Ferrous (brass, copper, and aluminum, batteries) drive to the left side of the fence for processing.

Get Your Ticket

If you pull across the scales, after unloading pull back across the scale to weigh out.  Park and come to the window to get a weigh ticket.

Non Ferrous drop off you will get a ticket.  Take your ticket to the scale house attendant.

Collect Your Money

If you are a new customer you will provide a DL to get your ticket.  Returning customers give us your name. You can collect your check right there at the scale house window. We pay cash for everything except copper, beer kegs, and catalytic converters.  You receive a check payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We gather every morning to evaluate the market conditions and pricing to ensure we give the best rate every day. The best way to get an accurate quote is to send us a photo and description here: GET A QUOTE 


You can bring your end-of-life vehicle to our Metal Recycling Facility on Bypass 25 or to our Pick A Part location on Wingert Rd, SC.

First, separate them by ferrous and nonferrous metals. To help, you can use a magnet and wave it over your scraps. Ferrous metals will stick to the magnet because they have iron. You get paid more money when your metals are separated by cleanliness. This means if the metal is pure or impure.

Yes our checks cash the same day.  We can pay cash for most recyclables and pay by check for copper, kegs, and other material required to pay check by law.

Drop off hours are the same as business hours 8-5 Mon-Fri and 8-3 Saturday Closed Sunday.

In order to serve our customers as efficiently as possible please have all material separated prior to reaching the nonferrous scale. We will be happy to assist you if you’re not certain of the type of metal you are recycling.

We can unload ferrous and oversized metal recycling with equipment. We can help you unload your smaller non-ferrous too.

We have several services that cater to contractors specific needs and volume. Get more information here.

Yes, a permit is required in the state of SC for all materials (batteries, catalytic converters, copper, aluminum (except aluminum cans), stainless steel, radiators, ACR’s, beer kegs, insulated wires etc.)

Permits not required for:  scrap vehicles, aluminum cans and iron/steel. You can get a permit from the Sheriff’s Office in the county in which you reside.

If you have a question please call us.

We do not recycle motorhomes, RVs, and Campers.  Mostly because there is very little metal in these structures.

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