C&C Metal Recycling

C&C Metal Recycling

Full Service Intermodal Metal Recycler

At C & C Metal Recycling, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of recycling services that cater to both ferrous and nonferrous metals and automobile recycling, amongst others. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including shredding, shearing, and sorting machines, as well as torching, crushing, and pick-a-part lots. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to appliance decommissioning and railcar end-of-life services.

Transportation Containers

C&C Metal Recycling has a full fleet of transportation, open top containers, roll offs, low boys, dump Trailers, flat beds, intermodal, and more to serve jobs big and small with reliable recycling solutions.

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Manufacturing Scrap

Securecycle ensures your machining or subtractive manufacturing are handled reliably beginning to end, at highest profits, with clear reporting.

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Automotive Recycling

We buy retired vehicles. We operate a 1000 car Pick A Part yard making decommissioned vehicles available for  picking your own used car parts before processing them in the shredder to become something new.

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Contractor Recycling

Electricians, Heating & Air, Demolition Contractors and more have another revenue source in waste. We offer Free Waste Audits to show you how much you can get paid for your waste.

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Public Recycling

Get paid top dollar for your waste while being part of the solution for your community. Don’t pay to take your waste to the landfill when you can get paid while do something great for the environment.

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Appliance Recycling

We are certified appliance recyclers. We safely remove all CFC’s as defined in the Clean Air Act. Bring your old appliances as is. We will safely dispose of all chemicals. Don’t pay the landfill to take it there.  Bring your appliance to us, we’ll pay you.

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Railcar Dismantling

Conveniently located and equipment packed our 20 car rail yard can support the railroad industry with multiple needs from dismantling to storage to load handling.

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C&D waste is expensive to haul and for landfills. You can get paid for your C&D debris. We offer free waste audits. Let’s talk about your upcoming or in process projects and get you more profits with easy project execution.

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