Got Demolition?

Do more than Demo

We make it easy to Recycle Efficently.

Recover Materials for New Products

Recycle Demolition Debris

We provide complimentary waste audits for various projects including manufacturing dismantling & reorganizing, demolition, and construction. Let’s discuss your upcoming or ongoing project, and we’ll advise you on the most efficient methods to responsibly recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Instead of paying to dispose of these metals in already filling C&D Landfills, let us help you maximize the value of every ounce of recycled material.

Address the rising stockpiles of waste and the ever growing need for raw materials by recycling your demolition debris.  Reduce your costs of, and even get paid for, the waste of a demolition project. C&C Metal Recycling can service your demolition project just about anywhere. We understand the importance of reliable logistics on a demolition project.  We provide unparalleled customer service. At C&C Metal Recycling, this is personal.  You are in direct, personal, contact and we take good care of you.


Reliable Container Service

We guarantee our turn around times. We understand the importance of service and expediting trucking when doing a demolition project. Timing is everything. We keep things moving with personalized services for your project from start to finish.

Reduce Demo Costs

Demolition done right includes recycling all possible usable materials. C&C Metal Recycling makes it easy to recycle demolition debris. Instead of paying a C&D Landfill to take the debris, let us pay you to recycle it. Don't pay to throw away. Get paid to recycle.

Demo Planning

Let us help you plan the demolition to the most cost efficient & responsible method for managing your demolition wastes. We offer free consulting and would be happy to help you.

Free Recycling Audits

We want to help you recycle.  We will come help you set up to efficiently sort your ferrous and non-ferrous metals in our containers for effortless closed loop recycling.   We will ensure that every piece of recyclable material we handle is processed and sent directly to the mill efficiently and tracked all the way.   SecuRecyleâ„¢ ensures your recyclables are monitored and processed with accountability.  We offer certificates of destruction.

It's Time to Recycle

When it's time to recycle your construction and demolition (C&D) debris, it's time to call C&C. We will make it simple and easy for you.

Guaranteed Turn Around Times

We make every measure to never miss a promise to deliver and with back it with a guaranteed turn around time.

Yes, We Can

C&C Metal Recycling has multiple resources to serve C&D projects. Give us a call to help sort it all out, grind it all up, put it on a train or truck and get that material in the making of something else. Really, we can.

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