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Full Service Metal Recycler

Custom Recycling Programs Specific to Handling your Ferrous and Non Ferrous Waste Streams. Call us for a No Hassle Waste Audit.

Communities Create Global Impact

Regional Processor w/ Global Reach

We are full service and right in your back door.  Working with your neighboring recycling processor can save you in pick up fees and thousands of tons of carbon emissions per year.    We are a multigenerational business with solid structure and personal purpose for a greener future through recycling. Whatever it takes to get the job done right, we do it.

Recycling Solutions

Roll offs to rail cars, we will discover the best equipment for your company's recycling needs to facilitate the most efficient cost savings for your warehouse.

Efficient Recycling

We will handle sorting materials. By any means necessary to support efficient recycling we handle it. If sorting materials does not fit into your workflow, let us sort it out so your employees can focus on production.


We monitor the pickup schedule for hassle free recycling. Production values change and when they do you can count on us to be in line with your warehouse needs.


We have advanced systems of reporting and material tracking through SecuRecycle. Auto Certificates of Destruction and direct client portal login where needed. Your need for documents is fully supported at C&C Metal Recycling.

We recycle waste from subtractive manufacturing processes.

Throughout the manufacturing process, one thing is certain: scrap material is generated. We will drop off containers and/or pick up your recycling on a reliable schedule that matches your companies production needs to maximize your efficiency. We pay top dollar for your scrap and sometimes even more. You will be surprised what you may consider waste that can return profits to you. We will evaluate your operations to ensure optimal recycling profits.

Materials Accepted

  • Metal turnings, borings, cuttings
  • Metal shearing, coils and casting
  • Decommissioned in-plant equipment and machinery
  • Defective production parts
  • Steel, copper, aluminum, brass
  • Much more

Industries We Serve

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Window manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Packaging operations
  • Any subtractive

20 Yard Bin

30 Yard Bin

40 Yard Bin

60 Yard Bin

Metal Scrap Bins & Transport

We provide, monitor, drop off, and pick up bins to ensure your production flow is never interrupted.  We guarantee it.

Documentation & Tracking

Our SecuRecycle™ system monitors your material from the moment of pick up through destruction.  You are never left without an answer to your materials whereabouts, handling, weight, or any critical reporting information you need.

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